Eudora Cut exists to make sure everyone can enjoy the fashion & style in today’s fast-moving life & culture. Eudora means ‘The Good Gift’ and we want to make sure everyone can enjoy this good gift of style & fashion. No matter the size, color or ancestry. We understand that today designing is dominated by the designers for skinny & more physically fit people. And we understand that more or less, Being a Plus-sized individual should not be such a crime that you can’t find fabulous clothes and the latest trends of your choice.


Fashion is one of the best human innovations and feelings and nobody should feel left out of the latest trends. Eudora Cut, a collaboration of different fashion designers and entrepreneurs, vows to provide the best of style, fashion, and swag to the Plus-sized woman as well as the regular-sized woman.


We have introduced the latest style direction and collection of dresses, tops, and daily wear according to the latest trends for every woman. We at Eudora Cut have a special focus to design a good range for all sizes to make them look more beautiful. Our collection is designed by experienced designers who have worked with many reputed brands, design houses, and export houses. Our design team is working regularly on:


  1.  Trend forecasting

  2.  Market research

  3.  Form realization

  4.  Surface and detailing


We regularly update our collection and even come up with New Designs for Plus-Sized Woman & regular size every month. We are committed to improving our collection, to give you stylish and trendy looks. We do this by getting regular feedback from our monthly & weekly events like “Fashion Forum” and then working on our collection through the valuable feedback we get from our beloved customers. We also regularly consult many reputed fashion front-runners from the fashion & design industry. With our specially designed collections, we want to drive a campaign for every woman.  We want every woman to feel beautiful from inside and stylish outside with our latest collection. 

Our brand wants to raise a social cause against body shaming of women and want to make every woman look glamorous and stylish so that nobody can raise any question on any woman and make fun of her. We want to make a miracle for Plus size women who cannot dress up according to the latest trends so that they do not feel bad about being oversize or fat.


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