In just a few days, everything is going to be over and everything will be sorted out. We will be heading outside to begin our daily routine just like before. Now, that we are working from home or simply taking care of our health and mental peace, but sooner or later we will go back to our regular life. While quarantine, you might have lots of plans like hanging out with friends, eats lots of foods, parties and lots more. Right? However, while going out, it is very important that you wear the right dress. The right dress only comes with the right colors. Now, where you are going to get the right colors? Eudora Cut is the right place where you will get all the colors that will make you look stylish and beautiful in fall. 

The fall wardrobe should be full of sweet, pastel shade like powder blue and lilac as well as richer and autumnal hues of green and rust. With the right colors, you will look uber chic and glamorous. Try out the following colors right away after Quarantine. 


Lilac is the best way where you can look stylish and glamorous at the same time. Lilac is perfect for the fall and this color will bring out the best in you. Whether you are going for a party or event, Lilac color will give you the best appearance and while maintaining a very sophisticated look. From candy-colored overcoat and faux furs to statement-making street style moment, Lilac is the best. 


Rust color has suddenly begun its buzz ever since it got a place in Vogue runway. This fall, try to catch the rich color for saturation. Rust is the autumnal shade that leads to well treading fabrics. The color will give you the perfect look that you are looking for and make you look very classy and stylish at the same time. 


If you don’t like yellow, then you should go for Amber. This color is the chicest sister in the yellow family and the color is as swoon-worthy as it namesake. Wanna create a stylish appearance at your next party? This color offer a perfect transition to the sunny yellow as we spotted in the pre-fall collections.   

Powder Blue

Is powder blue is out of trend? Big NO. This color will give you the look that you want and make you look very stylish and beautiful at the same time. Now many designers are using this color just to create something really amazing. Try on this color with some cool accessories and make yourself look stylish and beautiful.   

Did we miss out on any color? Tell us in the comment section.

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