You already know what looks the best on you, perhaps there’s peplum top that gives you ultimate confidence and brings that smile on your face or maybe it is the cigarette trousers that make your legs look sexy. Literally, there are numerous factors that you consider while you buy a dress or getting dressed. You also consider the season, occasion, and of course your mood. But, if you ever brought a dress from the best western store based on your best features, then you are doing the right thing. When you shop for an outfit at Eudora Cut, you will fall in love with the pattern or material. You will find outfits just according to body shape. 

There are two myths in everybody’s mind - One is a perfect size and the other one is the perfect body. Most of the people lose their confidence as they don’t find anything that fits their bodies. Only the right techniques can help you to find the perfect dress just according to your body type. We’ve put together some simple and amazing tips that make you look unique while embracing the physical imperfection. 

Pear Shaped Women 

If you have full hips and waist, then you are a pear-shaped woman. Select a dress that shouldn’t be shorter than an inch or two above the knee. A-line skirts and short dresses would look the best on you. The only thing that you need to make sure that you choose a dress that highlights your best features. Choose a top with horizontal stripes with bright bold color. However, you will look best in two-pieces rather than a one-piece. Avoid wearing tight pants, capri pants, shorts, and pencil skirts. 

Apple Shaped Women 

Getting dresses for apple-shaped women is quite simple and easy. All you need is to select a dress that would draw attention to your waist and empire dress work perfectly for that. You can also go for empire tops, wrap

dresses, and A-line dresses. Make sure that you choose a top that covers the entire belly area and extends just below the hips. Skinny jeans and straight-leg pants should be avoided. 

Rectangular Body Shape

If you are the one who doesn’t have natural curves, then you can create them by wearing perfect outfits. Now, the bigger question is, how you are going to do that. You can simply add a belt that can accentuate your waist. Quite honestly! Empire or wrap dress will work perfectly on this and these dresses will bring out the best in you. Choose a top that ends at the mid-section of the hips. 

Hourglass Shape 

For an hourglass shape woman, the dressing wouldn’t be very difficult. The only thing that you really need to make sure that you choose clothes that can draw attention to your waist. Remember, that you wear something that draws focus to your narrow waist in the best possible ways. Choose the outfit just according to that. Go for V-neck tops and dresses, Pencil skirt, and skirts that flaunt your figure. 

Try accentuating your figure by wearing the right dress just according to your figure. Where you are going outfits just according to your body shape? Check out our collection where you can find an outfit for any occasion.

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