Our life has changed pretty much after the outbreak of Corona. The biggest change in our life is how we work and where we work. Since, after the outbreak of Corona, most of the people are working from home. And, it’s not easy and believe us! We understand your pain. With the growth of technology, there are so many ways where you can connect with your colleagues and attend all those meetings. From Skype to Zoom, these are some of our lifelines when it comes to working from home. However, we all know working from home creates a bit of a quandary. Imagine, who’s going to believe you that you chose to wear a three-piece suit to work from your living room. 

What’s your solution? We have decided to give you some tops for a little inspiration. However, it’s very important to note that since you are in a video call or video conference call, so it’s going to reveal what you are wearing from the waist up. Here are some suggestions for zoom-appropriate outfits that are perfect for work from home. 

Pep up with a coat 

Pajama dressing out of the public is still a thing but you can simply slip the coat in the pajama. This is one of the best ways to get comfort and style at the same time. If you want to make your style game even more interesting, then simply pair the belt in the blazer to make sure everything is perfect.

White shirt 

Wherever you are, white shirts are perfect for you. Whether you are inside the office or outside, a white shirt will make you look very hot and happening. If you want to upgrade your white shirt then you can just wrap the scarf around the neck. Tuck them in the black and you are good to go, 

White dress 

Well! There’s no one who is going to see you below the waist. So, you can simply go for a white dress. These dresses will make you look very stylish and during the call. All you need to do is pair this with the right accessories. And no one is going to look your legs. So chill and relax. 

Polo Shirt

Let’s admit it! We all have a polo shirt in our closet which we hardly wear. When we are working from home and no one is watching us then a polo shirt is perfect for you. Polo shirts are the most comfortable and stylish clothes if you pair them correctly. So, next time when it’s a Zoom meeting, try to wear a polo shirt. 


Who says vests are out fashion? Vests are the p[erfect way to look glam up in the Zoom meeting. These are the comebacks and nothing says you mean business like a black vest. This will also make sure that you look very glamorous. Vests are the best for the go-to zoom meeting. 

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