Velvet continues to win our hearts and it definitely seasons lively and stylish. Just in case, you haven’t notice velvet is one of the most noticeable and stylish trends that makes us fall over and over. Within Eudora Cut collection, velvet has gained a lot of attention and demands this season. Whether it’s velvet top or hoodie, the soft fabrics with a luxurious appearance give you a very rich feel. This pretty fabric has one of the most comfortable qualities that every woman wants it. From pants and skirts to dresses and hoodie, velvet items are must-have items in your wardrobe this season. 

For fashion-forward girls, velvet items are absolutely trend-changer. This would make you a chic and fashionable look every time you wear it. Velvet items would represent your outfit in a more subtle manner and make you look very expressive. There are lots of velvet tops that you can go for. But, when you go through versatility. You should go for the velvet top as it will bring out the best in you. But, if you are confused about the different styles, then we are here to give you the best ever solutions. 

Check out the following ways to style velvet tops for a super-stylish look. Take a look now. 


Despite the chic appearance of velvet top, it perfectly combined with jeans. Jeans add the most casual and elegant look in velvet tops that adds extra glam. If you choose our full sleeve velvet top, go for cool denim jeans. This will stylishly be complemented with the classic aspect of the velvet top. The combination works wonders on both causal and fancy affairs. 


Going to a party? It’s time to add a glamorous touch to your velvet top. Pair your velvet top with your skirt and make yourself look very stylish and fashionable. Velvet tops are the most versatile way to pair on your skirt. No matter what, whether your skirt length is long or short. It will perfectly add glam in your outfit and make you look stylish. 


There isn’t any easier way to make yourself look more feminine than adding more fun elements in your outfit. Just in case, you are wearing a black or green velvet top than you can go for a black or white blazer. This combination will make you chic and super-stylish. This is the most fashionable way to rock the trend and leave a lasting impression. Within a few seconds, you’ll create a chic and luxurious look. 

High Boots 

Straight from the catwalk, the combination of high boots and tops is something that you need to try right away. High boots are very versatile and combining with jeans and skirts will give you chic vibes. High boots provide a playful aspect and bring balance to the soft and classic materials. Steal the show with a classic combination of high boots in the velvet top.


Combining the velvet top with a cardigan for a smashing and stylish look will give you guaranteed success. By complementing this top with a classy and dapper cardigan will give you a very feminine look. The feminine look that not only fits the trend but also gives you a contemporary classic look The combination will give you the spotlight that you always wanted. 

Are you convinced about the versatility and stylish outfit of velvet top? Eudora Cut has some amazing collection of velvet items. SHOP NOW!!

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