“Shrug does for the body, what diamond does to the hand”

Well! Isn’t true? A shrug is the women jacket or cover-up that can be worn additionally over any outfits. These shrugs come with different lengths and sizes, so it totally depended upon you which style and length you want to buy. However, there are countless designs of shrugs that are available right now. The best part about the shrugs is they are perfect for all seasons like summers, winters, and springs. However, which occasion you style the shrugs, its a total thumb up in terms of style quotient. Now, where you are gonna find the best casual or partywear shrugs? Eudora Cut has some amazing collection that might amaze you in a fraction of seconds. 

Moreover, one can get easily confused while choosing the perfect one for the summers or other occasions.most of the time, we are confused about how to style a shrug in the proper way. If you want to know how to style a shrug in an elegant and decent way, then let’s get the reading. 

Long Shrugs with Distressed jeans 

Long shrugs look the best when you can able to design it in a stylish way. They are long and they can come till knee to the ankle length. Pairing this shrug with the distressed jeans will give you a very stylish and amazing look that you won’t believe. In fact, these long shrugs look pretty amazing in music festivals and casual outing.

Now you might be confused, how you are going pair this with? You can easily pair this with tank tops, spaghetti tops. However, if you want to get a feminine and cool vibes, then pair long shrugs with distressed jeans. 

Cropped Shrugs with a Dress 

Not many women know this but styling a cropped shrugs is simple and easy. All you need is a cropped shrug and a matching short dress that you can pair with. If you are wearing printed shrugs with a solid color dress, then you gonna look really look hot. However, if you are all into experimentation with your look, then you should go for print clashing. You might aware of the fact that print clashing is the major trend that is ruling on the runway. 

Lace Shrugs with Shorts 

You might be aware of the lace shrugs, they are beautiful yarns weaved into the fabrics. These lace shrugs are very versatile where you can able to pair this with many outfits without any tension. From floral to leafy patterns are some basic examples of lace shrugs. If you pair this shrugs with shrugs, then you can create some magical moments. The combination will surely turn heads on your way. 

If you want to get the full justice to the lace tops, then you should pair this with shorts and tank tops. One more thing that you need to keep in mind is to go as many prints as you can. 

Floral Shrugs with summer dresses 

If you want to add colors in your wardrobe, then floral shrugs are perfect for you. This is one of the best ways to make your look very fresh and eventful on your casual outing. However, if you want to pair this with summer dresses, then you will get the look that you want. All over printed shrugs will give you the look that you ever wanted. Pick a vibrant color that you wanna rock with the shrugs. 

Fringed Shrugs with Shorts or Jeans 

When in doubt, go for fringed shrugs with shorts or jeans. This shrug is one of the best ways to ensure that your style game is high. You might be wondering what this shrug is all about, it is a kind of shrugs that have numerous threads hanging on it. This will give you a totally retro look without making much effort out of it. 

Know any other shrugs that can make your style game on point? Do let us know. 

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